Downtown City Update #4

Since our last update we have made some extreme changes in the way we work on Downtown City. We have begun using Freedcamp (a free project management tool) to help organize what needs done the most and manage our team better. More importantly, we have made Downtown City open source on GitHub. This means that people will be able to download our assets (code, models, art, etc.), help out with development, and play Downtown City before stable releases. While anyone can help out with glitches or add their own features and models on GitHub, almost all of the project management and task organization will still be done on Freedcamp (which is only accessible to people we approve).

Because of this, we are looking for people to join our Downtown City development team. These people will receive special project information and direct communication with FCG team members. If you are interested in joining us then you should fill out this form. Assuming there is nothing seriously wrong with your submission, you should be accepted and part of the FCG DC team within a day.

As for progress on Downtown City itself, we have been working hard on creating interior props for buildings which naturally mean that we would need some doors. Every building in DC now has doors that display “Press ‘E’ to Enter” once you are within a certain radius of them. We should have a new build of Downtown City in about a week.




  1. This game is looking quite good for a Pre-pre-pre alpha. :D You might consider expanding the world a bit though in the final version as it feels a bit small at this time.

    • Thanks :) We plan on adding a bunch of characters placed around the city and some stands or carts that sell things or asks you to do a job, we’re going for a very compact city where every inch of it has some excitement.

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