Lava Floor


You are in a room that is filled with rising lava! The clock is ticking, do you have what it takes to make it to the exit (and maybe get a few achievements along the way)?

This will be FCG’s final small project for a while. With summer club beginning tomorrow, we are going to be putting much more effort towards finishing Downtown City and a few of our other large projects.

Lava Floor was made with free models, sounds, and other assets found online. If you would like to know where a specific asset came from, you can view the in-game credits. To play Lava Floor, click here.


Spider Miner

With summer club meetings approaching, we have been working hard to finalize our small projects so that we will have more time to focus on Downtown City. Today (a week after we published our last project, “Tears of the Pool”) we are proud to present our newest game, “Spider Miner”.


You are a miner who has been trapped in a mine with killer spiders. Use the doors in the mine to make your way out, but beware: do NOT open a door leading to spiders.

This project was originally started for Ludum Dare 29, but we were unable to get much finished in time for the deadline (we still submitted it, however). We liked the concept enough to work on it until we had a completed game.

Click here to play “Spider Miner” on Game Jolt.


Tears of the Pool

In the past few months we have taken a break from Downtown City to expand our game development skills on smaller projects. We are now beginning to finalize them and we will have published them within the next week or two. For now, here is our first completed project since Mr. Pigu’s Swing Advernture, “Tears of The Pool”.


“Tears of the Pool” is a hilarious art game in which you navigate a swimming pool as Rooney Koplos (me). As you swim deeper you discover more and more surprises in this over-the-top random project.

This game was created by me and Sean Wiles (the c0-leader of Fight Club Games) as an art project for school, but we liked it so much that we decided to publish it under Fight Club Games. Click here to play “Tears of the Pool”.


Downtown City Update #5 (With Build!)


There is a new build of Downtown City out with a lot of big changes. The biggest change by far is the addition of Mr. Pigu! Although he is not animated yet (he just glides around the city when you move him), this is a big step because now all of the art in Downtown City is 100% FCG-created. Besides in-game changes, there have been a lot of changes in the management of Downtown City. We are now working on Downtown City with the help of some middle school members as well as remote game developers (as mentioned in the last post).

More detailed bios of these remote members will be posted soon, but two of our main members come from Jcam Technologies.


Downtown City Update #4

Since our last update we have made some extreme changes in the way we work on Downtown City. We have begun using Freedcamp (a free project management tool) to help organize what needs done the most and manage our team better. More importantly, we have made Downtown City open source on GitHub. This means that people will be able to download our assets (code, models, art, etc.), help out with development, and play Downtown City before stable releases. While anyone can help out with glitches or add their own features and models on GitHub, almost all of the project management and task organization will still be done on Freedcamp (which is only accessible to people we approve).

Because of this, we are looking for people to join our Downtown City development team. These people will receive special project information and direct communication with FCG team members. If you are interested in joining us then you should fill out this form. Assuming there is nothing seriously wrong with your submission, you should be accepted and part of the FCG DC team within a day.

As for progress on Downtown City itself, we have been working hard on creating interior props for buildings which naturally mean that we would need some doors. Every building in DC now has doors that display “Press ‘E’ to Enter” once you are within a certain radius of them. We should have a new build of Downtown City in about a week.